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  • Higher process stability and reliability due to process monitoring & control
  • Integrated quality assurance
  • Workpieces
    • Tactile measurement of grooves / edges and diameters with up to 200 points, as well as surface roughness
    • Optical measuring up to 70,000 scan points per second
  • Tools
    • Tool measurement and drill breakage control
  • Adaptive measuring process
    • Creation and integration of measuring operations into the CAM programming process
  • DMG MORI technology measuring cycles


DMG MORI adaptive machining

DMG MORI adaptive machining

  • Creation and integration of measuring operations into the CAM programming process
  • Freely definable measuring paths
  • Aligning and sampling
  • Fit sizes are corrected automatically
  • Correction of kinematic residual errors
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes using measurement results
Process chain

40 % reduced process steps

Optical on-machine measurement

  • Non contact profile measurement by laser scanning probe
    • 70,000 scan points per second
    • Enable to evaluate free form surface
  • Reduced number of processes & time
    • 6 instead 10 process steps and > 50 % reduced process time
    • Machining & measurement in a single set-up
  • Same accuracy as CMM
    • More than 80% measuring points within ± 2 µm
    • Improvement of machining accuracy
  • Gear measurement & evaluation
    • Automatic scanning path generation, incl. visualization
    • Professional solution easy to use for every operator
  • Technology cycle gearQUALITY
Grinding technology on milling (turning) machines



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