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ULTRA­SONIC – Reduced process forces for very high productivity

Integrated processes


Reduced process forces for very high productivity


  • Ideal for machining of complex workpiece geometries in hard and brittle advanced materials like e. g. ceramics, glass, corundum, carbide or composites
  • Up to 50% lower process forces due to ULTRASONIC
    • Up to 40 % less sub-surface damage (SSD)
    • Up to 3 times higher productivity
    • Surface quality to Ra ≤ 0.1 µm is possible
  • Integration via HSK interface. All standard machine features for milling / turning are possible.
ULTRASONI actuator system

Actuator system of the latest generation with amplitudes down to ≤ 5 µm

  • Flexible configuration
    • ULTRASONIC drilling
    • ULTRASONIC-grinding of ceramics, glass etc.
  • ULTRASONIC 3rd Generation – optimal processes due to intelligent control
    • Automatic frequency detection and tracking ULTRASONIC complete (as standard)
    • Individual optimisation of machining strategies by amplitude regulation (ULTRASONIC programming cycle) or automatic feed adaptation (ULTRASONIC feed control option).


Mirror support
Mirror support
  • Zerodur
  • Optical industry
  • ø 400 × 150 mm
Wafer Chuck
Wafer chuck
  • SiC
  • Semiconductor
  • ø 300 × 6 mm
  • Composite (CMC)
  • Aerospace
  • 50 × 150 × 195 mm
Indexable insert
Indexable insert
  • Carbide
  • Tooling
  • 15 × 20 × 8 mm



  • Adaptive spindle with max. 32,000 rpm
  • Use of hollow- or spiral-drills starting from ø 0.1 mm
  • Automatic drilling force regulation (<1 N)
  • ICS with up to 40 bar and volume flow monitoring
  • Automatic ejector for drill cores (with hollow drills) to avoid tool breakage


Highly efficient grinding of rotationally symmetrical structures in hard and brittle materials in combination with direct drive C-axis (option)


Camera-based workpiece alignment and detection of hidden contours or marks in transparent material, e. g. aligning a glass cylinder with two marks, ideal for the semiconductor and optical industries.


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